Equip your workforce with Critical Core Skills (CCS), as identified by SkillsFuture Singapore


Critical Core Skills is developed by SkillsFuture Singapore, in close consultation with employers, comprising 16 Critical Core Skills (CCS) competencies which are deemed essential soft skills in the workplace.

The 16 competencies are categorised under 3 clusters of skills:

Thinking Critically
Cognitive skills needed for broad and creative thinking, which help individuals see connections and opportunities.
Staying relevant
Effectively managing your personal brand and well-being while keeping up-to-date with trends that impact work and daily life.
Interacting with Others
The ability to communicate effectively and learn from others, exchange ideas and build a shared understanding of a problem.
About CCS

Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) is appointed by the SkillsFuture Singapore to deliver CCS courses:


Support Your Employees’ Career Growth

94% of employees would stay longer at a company if it offered learning and development opportunities. Aid new hires in adapting to your work culture by equipping them with necessary skills and provide support to promoted employees for a seamless transition into their new roles.

The CCS for Career-Learning-Planning programme feature 4 courses:

  • Self-Management
  • Learning Agility
  • Developing People
  • Transdisciplinary Thinking
Business Resilience

Develop an adaptable and agile workforce

Any business that is not resilient and prepared to transform to adapt to new market conditions is taking a significant risk and jeopardising its survival.

The 4-day Business Resilience programme is designed to help your organisation develop talents with adaptability and complexity management skills.

  • Adaptability
  • Sense Making
  • Transdisciplinary Thinking
  • Decision Making

Adapt and innovate to move forward

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the competition is constantly stepping up, and companies cannot afford to stand still. The pursuit of constant innovation is crucial to maintain a competitive edge and staying relevant in the market.

Build the innovation competency of your workforce with the CCS for Innovation Programme, featuring 4 courses:

  • Decision Making
  • Creative Thinking
  • Customer Orientation
  • Problem Solving
Critical Core Skills Porgramme - Employability

Build a high-performing global team

To navigate the complexities of the global market, you need a workforce armed with a global mindset and essential employability skills.

Develop a globally competitive workforce with CCS for Employability programme, comprising 4 courses:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Digital Fluency
  • Global Perspective

Stay ahead in the Green Economy

Beyond technical proficiency, driving successful sustainability initiatives requires a strong blend of stakeholder engagement, effective communication skills and influencing skills.

The CCS for Sustainability Programme is designed to equip your workforce with the essential soft skills to thrive in this green economy, featuring 4 courses:

  • Influence
  • Building Inclusivity
  • Communication
  • Global Perspective

Transform your Workforce with SIM Critical Core Skills Today
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About Project Zero

Developed in Conjunction with Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education


“Those with the right skills will be able to seize opportunities and enjoy corresponding rewards, while those who are unable to adjust and adapt will face even greater challenges,” said Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong.

Our Critical Core Skills programme places a strong emphasis on unlearning the past to relearn for the future.

We live in a constantly changing world. Unlearning serves as a tool that allows us to learn from previous experiences or patterns while creating space for new knowledge. In order to keep up with the transformations occurring in all aspects of life, it becomes necessary to let go of outdated operating systems and practices to make room for new ones. In other words, to adapt to new means and methods, it is important to unlearn the old ones.

However, unlearning is just a part of the ultimate goal. Before that, we need to learn how to unlearn.

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Singapore Citizens
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Singapore Citizens (SCs)
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