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Navigating Transitions Successfully in the Workplace

Imagine this: You wake up one morning and find that your industry has been transformed overnight. The rise of automation and artificial intelligence has reshaped the workforce, and the jobs you once knew are disappearing. Remote work has become the norm, and the demand for new skills is skyrocketing.

In the midst of this rapid change, you realise that your career path is at a crossroads. To stay relevant in the evolving job market, you need to adapt, upskill, and reskill. However, navigating this uncertain terrain can be challenging.

According to the 2023 World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report

Recognising such challenges, SIM has partnered with Project Zero of the Harvard Graduate School of Education to develop programmes that deal explicitly with the obstacles people face while experiencing multifaceted career transitions.

The SIM Critical Core Skills (CCS) Programme, specifically the CCS for Career Learning Planning are structured around two core frameworks:


Unlearning is about learning to think and behave differently when our existing assumptions and behaviours become obstacles.

For example, Unlearning becomes extremely crucial when a person transitions from a technical role to a managerial position. The individual must set aside their previously valued emphasis on complex technical skills, which were essential for their previous role’s analytical demands. Instead, they must acquire new skills such as communication, leadership, and delegation, which are vital for effectively managing others.

Good Work

Performing daily work that is excellent, ethical, and engaging.

The concept of “Good Work” delves into fundamental questions concerning our connection to our jobs. It encourages individuals to examine their work standards, purpose, and responsibilities, seeking a deeper understanding of the impact their work has on others. This helps to explore and refine their approach to work, defining what it truly means to achieve “Good Work” – work that not only benefits them but also positively influences their community.


In our course, we focused on three dimensions of unlearning: Mindsets, Habits, and Systems. These dimensions helped participants address challenges they faced during career transitions.


Good Work:

The concept of “Good Work” includes three aspects that provides a framework for understanding work in a holistic way.

Excellent | Ethical | Engagement

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About Project Zero

Project Zero (PZ) is a research center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education with over 50 years of research experience. Their mission is to understand and enhance learning, thinking, and creativity in the arts and other fields. With over 50 years of research experience, they explore topics like intelligence, cross-disciplinary thinking, and ethics in diverse environments.